Festival Season and Accessibility: What to Know


Summer is in full swing, and we’re approaching one of the best times of the year: festival season. Soon, festivalgoers across Oregon will come together to enjoy their favorite entertainment in the warm and sunny weather. However, disabled attendees may encounter some hurdles that non-disabled people would not consider. This may include limited wheelchair accessibility, […]

Disabilities and Housing Assistance: What You Should Know


When you become disabled, you’re suddenly confronted with adversity in nearly every aspect of your life. Often, this includes your living situation. With diminished work abilities and depleted mobility, you may find that you are unable to keep living in your current residence and at odds with finding a place that could accommodate you. Fortunately, […]

Observing PTSD Awareness Day


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a complex condition triggered by a traumatic event that impacts millions of Americans annually. It could be caused by experiencing or witnessing a distressing incident such as an accident, assault, natural disaster, or combat. What follows could be devastating to the sufferers and their families. For PTSD Awareness Day on […]

An Attorney’s Angle: Sara Carroll Discusses The Big Conn and a Fourth Grade Education


I recently began watching The Big Conn on Apple TV+. The series is about a Kentucky Social Security attorney, Eric Conn, who was in “cahoots” with local Social Security Judge David B. Daugherty. The first episode goes over the relationship between Mr. Conn and Judge Daugherty. The two are charged with (and eventually convicted of) […]

Medicare and Social Security Benefits: Do You Automatically Qualify?


Medicare and Social Security are federal agencies that provide financial assistance to millions of qualifying Americans every year. Fortunately, they are also linked, so if you are collecting Social Security Disability benefits (SSD), you may automatically be eligible for Medicare depending on your age, disability, and period in which you’ve been a beneficiary. Determining Eligibility […]

Are My Social Security Benefits Taxable?


When you’re initially approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you will likely feel a sense of relief – the application process is over, and you’re finally receiving the financial assistance you need. However, questions will eventually begin to arise. For instance, are social security benefits taxed? This is a commonly asked question, and the […]

VA vs. SSD Benefits: Which One is Right for You?


As a military veteran, you may have more options for disability benefits than you realize. For example, you may be eligible to receive both Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits and Social Security Disability (SSD) simultaneously. Ultimately, whether or not you qualify for either federal agency depends on your unique situation. Here’s what you should […]

February 28th is Rare Disease Day


Typically occurring on the last day of February every year, Rare Disease Day helps raise awareness of rare diseases and advocate for better access to treatment, resources, and medical representation worldwide. A Brief Background Rare Disease Day was first organized by The European Organisation for Rare Diseases on February 29th, 2008. The organization selected the […]

Could An “Invisible” Disability Qualify For SSD?


The answer is yes. Typically, when you mention the word “disability” to somebody, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is a wheelchair – a universal symbol of disability in many places. However, numerous other disabilities and chronic health issues may not be obvious at first glance and are overlooked by many, but […]

The SSA vs. Social Media: Don’t Jeopardize Your Claim [infographic]


A majority of Americans have at least one social media account. Have you ever considered how your online activity could affect your Social Security Disability claim? Learn more with our infographic.

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