April is Medicaid Awareness Month

Medicaid Awareness Month is observed each April. Learn about this healthcare coverage program and how it helps millions of Americans access the care they need.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a vital program that provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals, including those with disabilities. It ensures access to medical services, including long-term care, therapies, and medications. Medicaid is essential for people with disabilities, offering crucial support for maintaining health, independence, and quality of life. By addressing financial barriers, Medicaid promotes equity in healthcare access and helps reduce disparities in health outcomes among individuals with disabilities.

Do You Qualify for Medicaid While Receiving SSI Benefits?

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits, you may qualify for Medicaid coverage automatically depending on your state’s rules, or you may need to apply separately. If you have both SSI Benefits and Medicaid, you’re considered covered under the Affordable Care Act and do not need a Marketplace plan.

In states where SSI automatically qualifies you for Medicaid, the process is straightforward, and you may not need to fill out a separate application. In some states you may need to apply separately, but the application process is designed to be accessible. If you lack Medicaid coverage despite receiving SSI Disability, you can apply for Medicaid through your state’s Medicaid office or online, empowering you to take control of your healthcare.

Medicaid and CHIP Coverage in Oregon

The eligibility for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) varies by state. Still, generally, children and teens up to age 19 from low-income families who do not qualify for Medicaid may be eligible for CHIP coverage. Additionally, eligibility criteria may consider factors such as household income, family size, citizenship or immigration status, and residency. It’s essential to check with your state’s CHIP program or healthcare authority for specific eligibility requirements and to apply for coverage.

CHIP in Oregon, known as the Oregon State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) provides affordable health coverage to eligible children and teens up to age 19 from low-income families who don’t qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. As of December 2023, over 1,400,000 people in Oregon are enrolled in CHIP and Medicaid.

Disability Attorneys Who Know the System

Living with a disability can be limiting, and the financial stress could be overwhelming. The Social Security Administration (SSA) assists those struggling to make ends meet with a disability. However, attaining the benefits is meant to be complex and confusing. You and your family don’t have to face the SSA alone when seeking disability benefits. You need a legal team who will protect your rights and stop at nothing to help secure you the benefits you need and deserve. At Kerr, Robichaux & Carroll, we are well-versed in disability law, know the ins and outs of the SSA, and are ready to work tirelessly to ensure your best chance at approval.

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