Social Security Disability Hearing Questions: What to Expect

If you were denied Social Security Disability benefits, your next step is to request an appeal with the assistance of a disability lawyer, which will require a hearing. For the best outcome, preparation is key.

At a Social Security Disability hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will ask questions to gather information about your medical condition, work history, daily activities, and functional limitations. While the specific questions may vary depending on your circumstances, here are some common questions you may encounter and suggestions for how to answer them.

Questions About Your Medical Condition

  • What is your medical diagnosis or condition?
  • How does your medical condition affect your ability to work?
  • What symptoms do you experience daily?
  • Have you undergone any medical treatments or surgeries? If so, what were the outcomes?
How to Answer:

Provide clear and concise descriptions of your medical condition and symptoms, focusing on how they impact your ability to perform work-related activities. Be honest and specific about your limitations and the treatments you have received.

Questions About Your Work History:

  • What type of work have you done in the past?
  • What were your job duties and responsibilities?
  • How long were you able to perform each job?
  • Have you attempted to work since becoming disabled? If so, describe your experiences.
How to Answer:

Describe your past work history in detail, including the types of jobs you have held, the physical and mental demands of each job, and any challenges you faced due to your medical condition. Be honest about any attempts to work and explain why you could not continue working.

Questions About Your Daily Activities:

  • What activities are you able to do on a typical day?
  • Can you perform household chores like cooking, cleaning, or shopping?
  • Do you have any hobbies or recreational activities?
  • How do you manage your daily activities, given your limitations?
How to Answer:

Be clear about your daily activities and any difficulties you encounter due to your medical condition. Focus on the activities you can do and any limitations or adaptations you make to accommodate your disability.

Questions About Your Functional Limitations:

  • How far can you walk without experiencing pain or fatigue?
  • Can you stand or sit for extended periods?
  • Do you have difficulty lifting, carrying, or reaching objects?
  • Are you able to concentrate, follow instructions, or interact with others?
How to Answer:

Provide specific examples of your functional limitations and how they affect your ability to perform everyday tasks. Use concrete examples to illustrate your difficulties, such as how long you can walk before needing to rest or how pain affects your ability to concentrate.

Questions About Your Medical Treatment and Compliance:

  • Are you currently receiving medical treatment for your condition?
  • Are you taking prescribed medications as directed?
  • Have you followed your doctor’s recommendations for treatment or therapy?
  • Have you experienced any side effects from your medications or treatments?
How to Answer:

Fully explain your medical treatment and compliance with your doctor’s recommendations. Provide details about the treatments you have received, any medications you are taking, and any side effects you have experienced. If you have missed appointments or have difficulty accessing medical care, explain the reasons why.

During a Social Security Disability hearing, your responses must be honest, respectful, and straightforward. Listen carefully to each question and take your time to provide thoughtful and accurate answers. Don’t hesitate to ask the ALJ if you are unsure how to answer a question or need clarification. Additionally, seeking guidance from a qualified disability attorney can help you prepare for the hearing and advocate for your rights throughout the process.

An attorney can greatly help your chances for approval. Find out how an attorney can help:

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