Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Apply for SSD Benefits

It’s no secret applying for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) is a lengthy, drawn-out process. The timeline can be daunting and often discourages people from pursuing what’s owed to them and getting the help they need. Nevertheless, every day you postpone applying can cost you weeks, months, or even a year of payments.

Don’t Risk Valuable Backpay by Waiting Too Long

Backpay is financial compensation owed to you from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that dates back to your application date. The longer they make you wait, the more they’re going to owe you in the end. Your time is invaluable, and you deserve to be compensated for however long it takes for SSA to approve you. You may even be compensated up to a year prior to your application date — note: this only pertains to those who are eligible for SSD. For SSI, you can only get paid as of the month after you file your application. When filing a claim for disability benefits, time really is money.

What is a Closed Period, and How Can You Benefit?

Even if you ultimately decide not to pursue, applying can be your saving grace in what’s called a “closed period.” Plenty of people wind up returning to work out of necessity or change in conditions, and plenty more decide to give disability benefits a second try.

So, the date you become unable to work begins the disability period, up until you can return to work, which closes the disability period. As long as your conditions have or will persist for at least 12 months you may apply.

We’re Disability Lawyers Who Care About Your Future

We want you to have as many safety nets as possible throughout this process. That’s why we encourage you to apply for SSD as soon as you can to maximize the benefits you could be entitled to by law. Remember – the SSA may not be on your side, but we are.

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