Festival Season and Accessibility: What to Know

Summer is in full swing, and we’re approaching one of the best times of the year: festival season. Soon, festivalgoers across Oregon will come together to enjoy their favorite entertainment in the warm and sunny weather. However, disabled attendees may encounter some hurdles that non-disabled people would not consider. This may include limited wheelchair accessibility, prohibited service animals, and difficulty parking.

This is why festivals should disclose accessibility information, and fortunately, in Oregon, a lot of them do. So, if you are disabled and looking to enjoy everything the festival season has to offer with peace of mind, here are some local events to consider.

At Sisters Folk Festival, Accessibility Ambassador volunteers will be wearing blue vests and available to disabled festivalgoers. All wheelchairs are permitted on the grounds, though many areas of the festival are outside, and travel would be difficult on grass or other natural terrains.

There are accessible bathrooms and portable toilets available at all venues, and accessible parking is available on city streets as marked. In addition to designated street parking, there are accessible parking spots signed at some venues and in two parking lots at the east end of Cascade Avenue at Sisters City Hall and the Sisters School Administration building. The shuttle bus will stop periodically at those parking lots. Trained service animals are permitted.

Rose City Comic Con strives to create an inclusive environment for all attendees with accessible drop-off and loading zones, easy access to Portland’s TriMet MAX light rail, and accessibility bracelets for those with mobility, vision, hearing, and other difficulties. These bracelets give disabled attendees access to shorter lines for autographs, quicker photo ops, and accessible seating before general admission. Quiet rooms are available for those with sensory issues, and ASL interpreters are at all Main Stage events. All meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit halls are accessible by wheelchair, and only trained service animals are allowed on the premises.

Pickathon, an experiential music festival in Happy Valley, provides designated ADA parking and campsites, trained service animals, and ADA-compliant portable toilets. Disabled attendees are encouraged to email info@pickathon.com to discuss and arrange accommodations.

The Oregon Jamboree prides itself on being the Northwest’s premier country music festival, and festivalgoers have access to ADA-accessible campgrounds and wheelchair-accessible portable toilets, as well as a wheelchair-ready shuttle bus as requested by the camp host. Additionally, free ADA parking at the front of the gate will require a state permit, and general admission is available for wheelchair users with space for their wheelchair and one other companion.

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